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clubs_01 The term Art which means creating innovative objects.
Uses: Art club is used to show the hidden talents of students in the form of pictures, models and craft works etc., to make them more imaginative. Having an Art Club is a great way for students to be involved in Art throughout the year, when our time with them is limited in the class room, an art club can serve as a nice supplement for students who can’t get enough Art.

clubs_02 The main aim of Film Club is to provide basic knowledge about the making of films.
So, Film Club leaders made a short film for demonstrating the making of short film.
The concept chosen was “Smoking is injurious to health”

clubs_03 Eco balance, global warming are some of the burning problems which we need to worry about. The damage man has done to ecology is great, we need to educate our children in this regard so that no further damage is done.

clubs_04 A rich heritage and culture is the asset of our country.
The credit of this goes to the different types of people who had ruled India from Centuries unknown.

clubs_05 Conventional approaches to the teaching and learning of English are often so unfriendly that learners start to dislike the subject itself.
The challenge for the teachers of literary club is to make the subject interesting without compromising on the rigor that the subject demands.

clubs_06 Math Club is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of Math. Students will not only learn new material.

clubs_07 It was a privilege for me enacting as the President of SCIENCE CLUB. I felt honoured to achieve this fleet. Not to forget, the members of my club also responded well to my wishes as to how to develop SCIENCE CLUB.

clubs_08 Content Will be Added Shortly .....

clubs_09 Sports and games keep us healthy and fit. Sports develop a sense of  friendliness. They shape our body and make it strong and active.  They give us energy and strength. They remove tiredness and lethargy.Sports have great potential to offer career opportunities.  So, we should take them very seriously from the very early age of our life.

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