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"A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops "
                                                                                                    - Henry Adams

      At Howard Public School, true to its spirit of excellence, the teaching methodology is evaluative and focuses on learning by doing, critical and logical reasoning and problem solving techniques. The teachers do the role of friends, philosophers and guides and at times even perform the parental role. The teaching is most complete, concrete and comprehensive and provides a solid foundation for students to face any academic challenge in the future. What the school gives is a life long learning experience that goes beyond lectures, notes and homework. The school has picked the best teaching talent . The high caliber teachers competent staff offer a conducive environment to learn and grow.

Sl. no Teacher Name Qualification Designation Teaching Exp
 1 Dr.T S Sashikala B.Sc.,M.A, M.Ed.,M.Phil., PhD Principal 30
Sree Ranjitha P MA, MA, M.Phil Coordinator 22
Jivan Asha B B.A, B.Ed Coordinator 32
Ms Yasmeen SSC, PPTC PPT 12
Ms. K. S Padma B.Com, MA, PPTC PPT 19
Ms. V Neeraja T Intermediate, PPTC PPT 21
Ms Y Shailaja Intermediate, PPTC PPT 18
11  Ms. Alyia Begum B.Sc, MA PGT 4
12  Ms. Yashoda M.Com, B.Ed TGT 6
15  Sujata E MA (Telugu) TGT 11
16  V D S Vani MA (B.Ed) PGT 12
17  Rajeswari B MA, TPT PGT 15
18  B Padmavati MA, TPT PGT 21
20  Lavanya B.Com, TTC PRT 13
21  P Rohini M.Com, PG Dip in ECE PRT 19
22  Vijayalakshmi V M.Sc, B.Ed TGT 7
24 Ms Jasvinder MA, M.Phil, B.Ed PGT 17
25  Ms Bharati M.Sc, Hindi, Sahitya Ratna PGT 18
26  Ms. Sandhya J BA, HPT PGT 9
27  Ms Abhilasha B.Sc, B.Ed PGT 14
28  Ms J Geeta BA, HPT PGT 22
29  Ms Bhavana Jain MA, B.Ed PGT 14
30  Ms Manisha Rani M.Sc, B.Ed PGT 19
31 Ms Bina Rout MA,  B.Ed (Sanskrit) PGT 19
33  Mr. Bharath Kumar K M.Sc, B.Ed TGT 4
34 Ms. Sangeeta G M.Com, PPTTC PGT 8
35 Ms. Usha Rani MA (English), PPTTC PGT 11
36 Ms. K Sunita BA, B.Ed TGT 31
39 Ms. Seshi Kumari K B.Com, B.Ed TGT 19
40  Ms. Rati Rani Asthana BA, M.Ed TGT 27
41  Mr. Chandrasekher M.Sc, PGDCA PGT 7
42  Mr.  Harihara Rao BA, TTC TGT 14
43  Ms. Y Rohini BFA TGT 15
45 Mr. Sunil Raj MA, B.Ed TGT 3
47 Ms. Deevi Satyavathi B.Sc, B Ed TGT 17
49 Mr. Ch. Ankaiah  BA P Ed   12
51 R. Kavitha B.Com, B.Ed TGT
52 Ms. Gloria BA, PPTC   16
53 Ms. P. Mamatha  M.Com  
55 Ms. A. Rajakumari B.Sc, CTET    
56 N. Vandana B.Com    
57  Rajitha Korepu MBA     
58  S. Swapna M.SC, B.Ed    
59  Ch. Aruna M.SC, B.Ed    
60  R. Sravya  M.Sc.     
61  Shylaja Kanna B.Sc, B.Ed    
62  B. Sharada M.Com    
66  Suman Preeth Kaur B.com    
68  Khan Nilofer B.A., B.Ed    
74  Madhavi Lata B.Sc, B.Ed    



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