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 Howard Public School is a well ventilated and spacious with state of art facilities enhancing the learning process. Equipped with all the ultra modern amenities, the school successfully plays a pioneering role in shaping a multitude of impressionable minds into skilful, diligent, responsible, self reliant and disciplined communities and our nation as a whole.

Digital Labs:
 Effective and innovative use of technology has a strong transformative power, we in Howard Public School also have realized that online learning and virtual schooling is beginning to play  an important role alongside traditional approaches. This will help in improving the learning and outcome of pupils, reaping extra benefits to all students. So, last year we had equipped 10 class rooms with 10 digi boards to start with and this year we have increased it to 8 more class rooms. Thus, enabling more students to be exposed to this new approach of teaching.
principal Science Lab:
  Our fully equipped laboratories in specialty of Biology, Physics and Chemistry provide an excellent opportunity for the students to translate the virtual familiarity of lessons taught in the classroom into a demonstrative reality.

 Well stocked library at Howard Public School is a ‘treasure of knowledge’. With an envious collection of 9500 Books, 1135 Reference Books, Dailies, Magazines and Periodicals on a wide range of subjects, the library is welcoming to the students to slake their thirst for knowledge.

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