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Student Council:
The school offers opportunities to students to take up responsibilities in order to develop leadership skills. The Student Council is proactive in every sphere of student life. Appointment to the Student Council is an honour accorded to a student by the school community. Candidates aspiring to, are expected to have an exemplary record not just in academics but in behaviour too. An all important and solemn investiture ceremony is held at the beginning of the academic year.

School Union Members

SPL (Boy)

SPL Boy - Digvijay Patil

SPL (Girl)

SPL-Girl  = R Hamsika

Digvijay Patil  R Hamsika


Head Volunteer (Boy)

Head Volunteer Boy - N Akash Gupta

Head Volunteer (Girl)

Head Volunteer Girl - A Sreeksha

N Akash Gupta  A Sreeksha


Cultural Secretary

Cultural Secretary - B Sneha

Sports Secretary

Sports Secretary - Y Sreya

B Sneha  Y Sreya


Art Secretary

Art Secretary - Rohit Dera

Literary Secretary

Literary Secretary - Zehra Asghar

Rohit Dera  Zehra Asghar



SGC Boy - Ayman Abbas

SGC Girl

SGC Girl - Preethi Patil

Ayman Abbas  Preethi Patil


Club Co-ordinator

Club Coordinator - Harshil Lahoti

Harshil Lahoti


Ruby House Captain

Ruby House Captain - Hafsa Sultana

Ruby House Vice Captain

Ruby House Vice Captain - Shreya Kulkarni

Hafsa Sultana  Shreya Kulkarn


Sapphire House Captain

Sapphire House Captain - Ruhi Agarwal

Sapphire House Vice Captain

Sapphire House Vice Captain - Shreya Naik

Ruhi Agarwal  Shreya Naik


Emerald House Captain

Emerald House Captain - Namitha Naik

Emerald House Vice Captain


Namitha Naik   


Morganite House Captain

Morganite House Captain - Dhruv Verma

Morganite House Vice Captain

Morganite House Captain - Riya Dangra

Dhruv Verma  Riya Dangra


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